Who am I to tell you right? The guy that never wanted to be political, and hit it with a political song in 2016.

Why would I hold back the secrets?

TBH! I feel that a lot of the time I’ve spent watching is an investment of time that’s strange. But, I’m willing to put the strange feelings aside. I’ve come to find the reasons people trend in live aren’t strange at all.

How many types of people trend in live broadcast?

In 2016 live broadcasting had places for inspired songwriters to take their guitar out and make a living from home. The internet form of busking started with something called LIVESTREAM. Many may or may not remember. At the time I was inspired to build a place that was clean. I have to be honest when telling you that live broadcasting was innovation monetized on the web by adult actors and actresses first. The website YouNow was an early host of nuance that developed around reward based programs for live broadcasters. Of course there was Twitch, YouTube, and Periscope. But, the broadcaster was the individual or party making the decision where to stream. The first live broadcast I can remember was entering the top stream at the time in Emma McGann‘s live broadcast. I’ve been working to support a new acoustic album release under my real name Christian Sutter. I have prepared for ten songs to be released January first. Enough about me… I’m like everyone else. Anyone can trend.

“The most likely person to trend in a live broadcast has the desire to trend.”


THE LUCKY ONES! Sure! There are some lucky people that have a great cause and everyone’s willing to support. But, it’s random that zero to hero happens without a plan. The best of the best appear to invite their audience to engage in a number of ways that support content the broadcaster has generated. If, it’s your first time. Than, there are some ways to protect yourself from ideas that may be over the top considering what’s coming next. The art of attraction may go to far. Be careful not to cross to far over the line. Anyone can get suspended by accident. Remember that your social media and channels only go as far as you take the channels. Most that are above lucky have a devoted team that works together to reach common goals. The elements existing in passage below are not an advisory. But, I’ve seen them do well considering numbers. When numbers is the game. Lengthy time investment is the way. In order to achieve a high number of active viewers in a single live it takes time. The fastest I’ve reached 128,000 was in an hour an thirty minutes. The 131,000 broadcast was approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes. Ok enough about lucky me!

Art of attraction

I start with this because I feel there is reason to ensure that there are offerings of attraction less adult content. The line between adult content and the art of attraction is very clear. There are a few things you’re not supposed to show and a few ways that you’re not supposed to touch. Depending on the host of the social media content categorization often creates capitalization with one or the other. In consideration to some block chain nuances like creating advisory on audience participation isn’t exactly an option for the user. Whether the NSFW hashtag still functions in accordance to previous functionality of the I.O’s launch host is in question. I’ve yet to try the feature. Categorization of content offered below is in consideration to art of attraction that’s wholesome and not overtly adult in its’ nature.



WITHOUT ATTRACTION THE HUMAN MIGHT NOT EXIST. What compels us to do things in life? Where do we get our inspiration? All the King is here to win is love. It’s love that can bring us to study the art of attraction. In cases of attraction. There are some things that attract the eye better than others. In my test experiment for Sultry Pantyhose I found that my stream wasn’t overly excessive in it’s view count. The elements existing were a situation nuance in internet broadcasting. I have my own music genre. That’s typical for my train of thought. While, a single lady that’s being wholesome appears to trend better when in pantyhose. It’s more the character that attracts the people. And, there’s always going to be clickbait. But, try to ensure that your clickbait is along the lines of wholesome should you attempt it. Every cover needs to be a form of clickbait truly. But, the cover doesn’t have to be overtly adult. However, when drawing the line in consideration of the art of attraction I’ve seen things on VK that you fully understand immediately. While on VK it’s no different than any other live service. Those that attract are all over. And, there are offenses that occur on a daily basis. The overload of such things often results in a solution. It’s nearly a prohibition. To tie the hands of the system isn’t to provide the best functionality for what’s being processed. Therefore, it’s for the community to request what’s best is understood. Whereas, if you’re a guy working out at the gym. The same is true for Buff Men in live stream. An attractive image can get live watchers. Activating them in unique ways to support your independent live broadcasting journey comes with a sense of team. And, live broadcaster do have a way of becoming real world friends. Whereas, the truth exists in the result. In the case of some fans CTSUTTER is a legit God. When it’s an eight year old telling you that kind of thing you realize. Every word counts. And, there’s room for diversifying your interest when considering what host is appropriate for your personal venture. The best you can do is be careful to ensure a few ground rules that can save some time and traumatic experience from unknowing appearances of adult content. Considering guest broadcasting feature on YouNow’s inability to prevent an account to host nearly anything. The best advice for broadcasters that I have is to refuse anyone that has yet to reach a level 10 on YouNow. That way, you’ll likely bypass the traumatic experience. But, if you broadcast long enough. Hopefully, it’s not so traumatic as it’s understood when considering reproduction. And, so not to tie the cells of your brain too deeply into drama. Daddy Kid album was written with a sense of positive reinforcement. The only thing a broadcaster can do is have a support network present and able to respond should anything tragic take place. With that being said. The reality of the live broadcasting watcher experience is vast. I’ve seen the world and I’ve seen people trend using a mini skirt and fashionable leggings as clickbait. The foot does work for some reason. But, what viewers do you want to attract in the first place? In a place like YouNow strong cover photos are the best plan to get viewers early in the live broadcasting game. I’ve watched YouNowers like LowKeyLoki start from scratch. And, dedication paid off. I’ve been there for ItsNickBeans leaks about Sarah making her own YouTube channel. Find out if Sarah has ever cheated on ItsNickBean. There are a lot of live broadcasters to mention that dominate. The key? Usually, those with a large YouTube following do very well. Think about the content generators themselves and networks that assisted the rise to the top position on any given platform. There’s a lot to be said for analysis. But, the best way to the top at anything is experience. Investing time with a mixture of doing a little of everything. STOP! Don’t do everything! That’s a horrible idea. There are bad things out there that come in some challenges which can harm people. IF YOU TAKE CHALLENGES GOOGLE THEIR SAFTEY RISKS FIRST!

“I would go out twinning with Sarah and Loki to get in their YouTube video. But, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. You have to try people!”

Why Challenges? 

They are alway going to be hot for the cross thread marketing interest. If you think about YouTubers doing well on YouNow. Than, you might consider that your YouTube is a valuable reference. There are times we lose accounts. And, the favored investment in interest of our time dissolves into nothing. Don’t get down about it. Keep moving forward. Life is a challenge. Live broadcasting is no different. If you love it. You may not be the best personality in-front of the camera. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t trend. Even people that resemble a gorilla have trended. It all comes with work. Challenges allow for interesting titles to find their way into search algorithms that assist search engine optimization. Had you searched Daddy Kid before the album was released on January 1st 2018. You would see something very different than what you see today. Searching Daddy Kid today will likely bring you to a reference including an Apple Music link. I have to be honest. My time has been spent working on my album. I also tried to become a professional gamer before RiceGum would announce his interest in gaming. Perhaps, his mind was confused when meeting with the art of attraction. But, it doesn’t look like he’s out of the diss game yet when considering the kind people of Cloneaiddd. Asking for things is one way to start. Quality content isn’t something that’s easy to advance alone. The reason groups often make appearances with one another is due to ties that result in team optimization. A team to create content may be what you need to get extremely large on social media. And, wouldn’t it be the Team Ten that makes the statement true. Every character has a roll and or skill that they bring to the table. Influence is a business that requires professionals work at the top of their game. It’s not for everyone. Usually, there’s a reason. In live broadcasting it’s not usually the will to gain influence alone. However, there are times where influencers will take their spin into your channels. Don’t give in to the hate! Rise above it! If you get dissed than it may be ok to diss back as long as you attempt to ensure your rhymes aren’t taken with intent. When dissing live the verbal assault may appear alarming. I opened myself up to the world of diss rappers and did what I had to do when dissed.

A challenge can happen at any time. Take the safe ones and make the best of the moment.

Simple : Always ask for invites, shares, and request fans support you with the merch you have to offer. If you don’t have any merch to offer and trend. It might not be long before you’ll have merchandise for fans. But, you have start somewhere. This is enough to get a start. Team work vs attraction is a boxing match that goes down with the team win. If, you are working your way out of isolation from home! Than, remember that you may need the help of others if you want to be able to feed yourself on your own dime.

To get out there. You must find a way to reach those whom are out there. From the live broadcast. You may find you can reach a large number of people. At that point, if you do what people told you with a spin you’re form fitting Loren Gray’s new song into the plan. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do as much as I’m forecasting with content. Once my songs are copy-written and released for the acoustic album I’ll be able to confidently play them in live broadcast. At that point, my monetization for the music when shared in others videos may offer a prime way to afford a meal. Do what they tell you or not! If you don’t try you’ll never know if you have the ultimate stick factor personality that results in social media royalty.

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One of the keys to social media’s is to ask a question. Than, force people to engage if they want the answer. Similar to another key for video content which is give people a reason to watch to the end. Hypothetical; “I’m think of showing the entire outfit. Find out if I show off my underwear in this video.” Where in the last video the person didn’t show you the bikini bottoms. The true key to know a person is about social media’s? They have merch with their name on it. In this case, the color of the light is obviously yellow. While there are green yellow and red. We can only determine that the object harnessing the light is yellow for sure. Whereas, trick question = social media’s lit question. Guess the color of the light! #Sutter #BossSutter #SocialMedia #Engagement #Question

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Would you rather watch Danielle Bregoli or see me play guitar? There’s someone for everyone. Many people live stream in different places. If you dish it long enough. One day, your music or show may have to go on the tour trip. No matter how large the audience. Enjoy the performances.

“I would like to race the catch me outside girl outside someday. I suspect I can catch her outside. I’m pretty fast.”

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