Modern Directions For Independent Music Artists

The music industry is full of potential. What’s the goal?

Let’s take this song as the example. “Born To Live Forever” is currently a one man production. An artist can sing the lyrics. The music can be published with a multimillion fanbase clout chaser performer. The dance movement might make for fan generated residual YouTube monetization for decades to come. Subscribe on YouTube while listening to the new Daddy Kid song. This article will compare major and independent music industry labels deals.

Major verses independent is a good place to start. Either may one day fill out the stadium.

The goal is to produce the stadium sell out performance.

Absolutely amazing quote by Christian Sutter.

Major Label

Get ready to have your A&R lead you by the wrist. There are horror stories of label executives spending money on temporary scenery in the recording studio to provide good vibes. If you want different types of plant life in the room from exotic locations to present the feeling of being at a beach. It’s likely that your budget for sand is something the A&R is considering. Imagine every artists ability to provide some form of control. If you’re at major deal entry remember that you’ll likely have to work to recoup everything. The artist is a chess piece that’s provided with an act in the music industry. The performance is where the big money is for the front person. A major label is a clout chaser. Every deal has aspects that require artists remember that entertainment can be a lifetime investment. However, a major label may one day sell your entire archive of music. Whereas, you may have to license your own music from your previous label to perform. If performance provides sell out numbers resulting in an excessive payday. Create for the stadium, and plan to achieve your goals one at a time. Major label deals still happen. Major record labels can be extremely selective and offer years into the business that can result in stronger placement music. The splits here are likely very similar to the example deal that will be provided in the independent section.


Most people don’t start at major. To arrive at a major record label deal it’s likely the artist or entertainment act has already made some money. Music is an industry of passion. However, it’s also a business. Everyone cares to talk about the money. A major record label wants to buy into an act to make money. An independent artist may be buying themselves into a world of questions when following their passion. In order to provide that an act or performing artist is valuable the act must work to make profit. The recording artist working from home placing music can achieve growth. Imagine a team working to improve independent growth. It’s possible to have dedicated fans assist in independent growth with ethical hacks inspiring realtime response. The independent music world offers a multiple of options when getting a start. Contracting by way of stone etching hasn’t absolutely been provided. The standard independent deals are likely production deals. What is a production deal? You’ve got a song! It’s a good song! But, you don’t know how to record it. You sing into your smartphone and it’s not radio quality. You need some form of radio quality production to match with your lyric content. A producer may make their services available. How will the splits work out? Let’s answer some of these questions right now.

A song and its intellectual property division.

Let’s consider the label and the sound recording as two separate entities awarded 100% each. The product is the sound recording. The publishers objective is to produce radio quality products with artists that can perform or present music to a large audience. The larger the audience the better chance there is that consideration in profit might be made.

Sound recording split. The division of the property in sound recording begins without label consideration. Therefore, the product is 100% of itself. 5% consideration for a performance artist is common. The consideration of 5% is consistent with the awarding of back end points. Performance artists may sell this 5% off in advance for monies upfront. Whereby, the end owner of the product may elect to pay 1,000 USD for a performance artists feature. The clout chase may result in large profits. The consideration for profits can’t be made without first dipping into the pool. Production deals costs are various from publisher to publisher. Let’s cover the additional 95%. When dividing by three the devision results in 31.6 % composition, 31.6 % melody, 31.6% songwriting. Imagine making a deal where you make 1,000 upfront, get the 5% performing, and write the hook of the song. Every song is unique in it’s splits. Producers may resist the idea of offering song lyric writing opportunity to prevent the potential of lyrical content copyright infringement. Liability may fall on the writers. If you’re bringing the fire lyrics don’t fear attempting to adjust song lyrics. There are ways to reduce liability with production labels consideration for artists. Every production consideration that’s published considers some form of publisher. This example provides a general idea that revolves around mechanical rights. The song or sound recording is 50% of a 100 percent pie.

The label pie is unique to the label. Major vs independent arrangements are malleable. Once your configuration is set in stone with a production deal. A radio quality product considers 50 percent divided at the label’s consent in accordance with agreed clauses among signees. A major operation may provide 15 percent to a manager considering touring aspects, the 15 percent of 5 percent performance (consider additional percentage by unique product aspects) resulting in potential royalties paid by the artist or label owning a negotiated 5% performance right. Touring aspects and mechanical rights are often different considerations. A performing artist maintaining some form of ownership in 5% may assist continuing performance aspects. Performance can produce more income than mechanical rights for some entertainment acts. has to consider multiples of agency. Most artists have a manager to consider. Most managers may contract at 15% across the board for artist earnings. Management contacts with artists may supersede a production deals arrangement. Mangers 15% split is dependent on the artists earning type. Tour may result in 15% of the artist earnings where artists can gain from sell out performances. Managers and tour managers may have to divide the 15 percent of the pie. A manager supersedes a tour manager’s position in the entertainment industry. Labels must also work to further promote published content where residuals or royalties can be earned. The art of getting music on radio is the goal of the record label. Producing a quality product won’t automate music to radio. Producing a song that steps up the game with clout may not make any placement whatsoever. The label must make efforts in providing virtual press kits to those that license and redistribution music. Distribution to radio is various depending on the available system programming. If you don’t submit your music properly you’re not likely to get the feature without insider help. That’s the rule of radio.


There are multiple forms of clout chasers. The world is made cooler when networking. When one celebrity meets another. The interaction may be epic. Those with clout meeting up often results in increased interest. Shared fanbase arrives to support multiples of entertainment acts with feature placement. However, face time doesn’t always mean an insta follow will result. The clout chaser is into social media for the view count. Anyone with clout has been a clout chaser in some way. There’s nothing wrong with a clout chase. Clout chasers operating a legal hustle are expected. What are you bringing to the products pie? Clout can make for a performance opportunity and win a production deal. Every deal is independent. The masters of clout chasing have no fear of making the live stream guest feature. Clout chasers are working.

Don’t hate the clout chase, love the drive.

An amazing thought inspired in the mind of Christian Sutter resulting in quote value placement.

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